We all experience stress from time to time but when it becomes prolonged constant it can begin to take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Prolonged stress can cause physical damage to the whole body, and also affect sleep, mood, appetite, energy and poor relationships with others.

Meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite
way that stress does, restoring the body to a calm state, helping the body to repair itself, and preventing new damage. It has been proved to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, calm and settle the mind, help with insomnia and to have numerous beneficial physiological effects on the whole body.

In this 3 hour workshops we will be exploring several different methods of meditation. Not all techniques require you to sit in a cross legged position and to try to' calm the mind', and during the workshop we will explore some of these different techniques, using the different senses and movement and in doing so hopefully provide you with technique that will help you to significantly reduce your stress.

Only 3 places available per session so booking essential.

3 hours
Dates: TBC

Cost: £60

SATURDAY 'TIME OUT' - Long yoga Saturday

This 3 hour session is an extended afternoon of yoga and relaxation with an emphasis deepening your practice by introducing more advanced poses and techniques, with a longer physical practice, more advanced pranayama practices and relaxation, and time to enhance your meditation skills. This is an opportunity for a real timeout, a chance to take your practice to the next level a and a 'mini retreat' in an afternoon.

Only 3 places available per session so booking essential.

Duration: 3
Dates: TBC

Cost: £60

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