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Patricia Ezechie

My name is Patricia Ezechie and yoga and wellbeing has been a part of my life as both student and teacher for over twenty years.


I have been lucky enough to be taught by some of the most amazing schools and teachers achieving qualifications from the Sivananda School, The British Wheel of Yoga, and The Birthlight Trust. I also hold a postgraduate qualification in the Psychobiology of Stress  from Roehampton University and am a fully accredited  Transformational Coach

Each of these periods of learning has been a journey in its own right, providing me with knowledge but more importantly guiding me in my own journey of self discovery and evolution.


As a Director and Customer Relationship Marketing and Change Management Consultant to blue chip companies for over 10 years, I had first hand experience of working in a highly competitive and stressful environment. The sustained stress and lack of work life balance resulted in my developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I suffered from for several years. I was extremely ill and unable to do much activity at all, but I found that a gentle yoga practice was the start of my road to recovery and gradually I was able to do more and more. The connection, acceptance, peace and balance that a regular practice of yoga was able to bring helped me make a full recovery and provided the catalyst and courage to enable me to change my life.


Yoga was the key to my recovery and transformation.


My commitment to introducing a wide range of people to the benefits of yoga, resilience coaching and wellbeing  is based on my own experience of using yoga, mindfulness, resilience, positive psychology and other wellbeing modalities to recover from illness and achieve balance.

Continuing growth, personal development, knowledge, learning and evolution.

Over the last few years Yoga Siromani has been evolving to raise the profile of the wellbeing agenda, bringing it to more people and especially into the workplace. I knew from working with people week after week that the real challenge was helping them as much as possible to maintain that feeling of balance and peace, and to remain connected and present for more than a couple of hours or a day after we had worked together. It was also key to help to change the places they spent so much time in – work. In answer to these demands and to be of more service to the clients I work with in both their professional and personal lives and development I deepened my training and knowledge in stress, resilience and coaching resulting in the evolution of Yoga Siromani into Patricia Ezechie Coaching.


Through Patricia Ezechie Coaching my goal is for every client or team I work with to leave my courses, workshops, retreats or 1-2-1 sessions feeling empowered, focused, clear and energised and equipped with the skills, knowledge and insight to deal with the demands of everyday life – professionally and personally. Yoga and mindfulness are such powerful and empowering practices but are only part of the picture. When teamed with the coaching, resilience, wellbeing, and stress management techniques I offer at Patricia Ezechie Coaching the people I work with gain clarity, insight, direction and most importantly make significant and lasting changes to help them navigate the demands of 21st Century living.


The more empowered, clear and balanced an individual / team is, the happier, healthier, more productive and focussed they become, and are able to offer and participate more in the workplace and in their own lives. I am delighted to be offering these developments and services in person and via the new online programmes, workshops and retreats I am rolling out later this year at, so there is plenty to be grateful for and excited about for the future.


I want to share the valuable lessons I have learned with everyone I work with in the hope that they can find balance in their lives before chronic stress brings illness - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am committed to introducing others to the benefits of mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing coaching, and how it can help us all to exist better in the world, enrich our lives, and help us to stay connected - firstly to ourselves and then to others.


Staying connected and balanced is an ongoing challenge for all of us - the trick is to know yourself and build an appropriate framework that is flexible enough to bend with the demands that life brings and that is what I help my clients do.

My experience and training in yoga, coaching and wellbeing is based in a variety of traditions, philosophies and interventions and my services reflect this variety. The content and format of my work with clients whether 1-2-1 or through courses, workshops and retreats (in person or online) is very much dictated by the requirements of my clients and what they want to achieve.


My aim is for each client I work with to gain clarity, focus  and direction towards the outcome they want to achieve and to leave our interactions feeling positive, enriched, balanced, relaxed and happy. By working together I want you to feel more empowered and positive about all aspects of your  life and to make progress and positive  lasting change in your personal and and professional development.


Patricia Ezechie
Patricia Ezechie
Patricia Ezechie
Patricia Ezechie
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