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Reviews & Testimonials

Patricia is an exceptional coach. She has helped me find clarity through very challenging times. Her warmth, energy and insightfulness has given  me the confidence to follow through with some very difficult conversations that needed to be had.  Feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Emma J.



Patricia as a life coach provides a safe and supportive environment in which to organise your life. During our sessions she always provided so much input whilst empowering me to come to my own decisions whch has resulted in me establishing a new business after being out of the workplace for nearly 10 years. It was a difficult transition in my life and Patricia without a doubt made it seem so much easier. Julie M.



Patricia is a fantastic yoga teacher. She's relaxing, encouraging and informative and always makes you feel like you've achieved something by the end f the class. I've come to regard my time at Yoga Siromani as some of the only 'me' time that I get!"   Julia B.



Patricia is a truly unique yoga teacher. 

Her energy, vitality and frankness is a magical combination that instantly puts her clients at ease.

I attended Patricia’s ‘Yoga for Weight Loss’ course recently and left inspired and motivated. She handled a tricky subject brilliantly by tackling it head on and sharing her own experiences honestly. I am still carrying the workshop learnings with me in my daily life. Patricia demystifies yoga and makes it approachable for everyone. 

I am already looking forward to my next yoga course with Patricia. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with a yoga instructor, whether novice or advanced.  Karen T. 



I have been attending the Yoga classes for some years now under the same teacher, Patricia.  I have benefited so much from the way she teaches, in her calm, intelligent approach to each of her students whether the class is a small group or a large group and I can and will recommend anyone to come and join.  I am now more relaxed, calmer and a more flexible person, so what are you waiting for come and join us.    Noreen J.


Just to let you know we had a baby boy born last Wednesday pm weighing 7lb5oz. Unfortunately it wasn’t the natural birth I had wanted – my waters broke in the middle of the night and had meconium in so was strapped to a foetal monitor in hospital and was unable to move for the first few hours! Luckily during that time the breathing exercises you taught really helped me get through the pain which had started pretty quickly. Due to a few more complications the hospital thought it was best to do an emergency c –section so he could be delivered safely!! Anyway, he is here, I am well and have healed quickly and I am totally in love with him!  Hope all is well and thank you for all the yoga lessons running up to having him – I am sure it helped me through it all.    Emma G


Your class really helped me when I injured my back in a fall.  I had only done a little yoga but it made a huge difference to me what I had learned about breathing and relaxing the muscles.    Geraldine R.



I used to love going to yoga but when my teacher moved out of London I gave up because I just couldn’t find another teacher near to where I lived with whom I could ‘connect’ in quite the same way – until I met Patricia.  There are lots of yoga teachers but being able to impart your knowledge takes real skill and Patricia has that special skill in abundance. 

           I have just completed my first 10 week course and I can’t wait for the next 10 week course to start.  Not having practised yoga for many years I was very nervous about restarting and embarrassing myself in front of strangers but I had nothing to worry about. Patricia knows instinctively how far she can push her pupils and never gets them to try anything before they are ready. Her classes are an oasis of calm in a beautiful environment and her warm welcoming smile and gentle voice put you immediately at ease and within minutes the stresses and strains of the day start to flow away.  Once again, thanks to Patricia, I am hooked! Fiona M.



Having recounted just a few of the great things that happened during the last week to a work friend has brought a huge smile to my lips.... so when things look a little dull over the next days and weeks I suggest you try the same. Annelise P.




Still managing to maintain my yoga calm, even though my learners were giving me the run around today.

Thank you all for making it a very special holiday. I visited my aunt this evening and spent ages telling her about you all. Hilary A.



My husband and I attended the How to Relax course, having already heard great things about Patricia. 
Patricia certainly lived up to our expectations, delivering a wonderfully relaxing and extremely informative introduction to breathing, yoga and meditation. She proved to be a wealth of knowledge in relation to the biological affects of stress, presenting the sciencey information very eloquently so that it was very easy to follow and understand. She helped me understand the direct physical affects that stress can have on our bodies and explained methods of counteracting this. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about the affects of stress and how to bring some peace and calm into our frenetic daily lives. Denise W.

I met Patricia just when I needed her most. She is not only an amazing coach she is also a great mentor for me. She took time to listen, be compassionate and understand me. In turn this allowed her to give me guidance and constructive feedback so I could grow and take responsibility for my actions and understand why. She has a passion to want you to succeed and has a positive energy to get you there. She is the person who has shown me how to not give up and I’m very grateful. Michelle D.



Well, I have personally recommended you to several people in the area, as I think you are a very good teacher, your approach to helping people is fantastic, having had a few classes in the past where corrections have been shouted from the front of the room, it made a pleasant change to have you come and gently guide us quietly into the correct position!  The classes were all challenging and relaxing and with new poses to learn each week it made the time fly by.   Amanda R.


After trying a few different yoga types and never sticking at it, I have now been attending yoga with Patricia for over a year, and absolutely love it.  It’s both challenging and fun and the small groups really mean you can develop and improve.   Renee N.


Dear Patricia,

Happy news… next day my waters broke and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and I did it all on gas and air and the Golden Thread Breath!! That one private session did wonders, I can’t rave about it enough and I am going to tell all my friends so you should be getting loads of calls!    Beth D.



Many thanks again for all your care and concern during our 1-2-1 sessions together.  It was great working with you, you inspire confidence, and make me feel I can improve and progress. I have also lost over a stone in the time we have been working together and am really beginning to understand what you said in the first class about change coming from a place of acceptance and love of who and where we are now. I intend to keep up my daily practice and will be telling all my friends about you. Thank you.    Andrea B.



Dear Patricia

Just a quick note to thank you for your fantastic session last month.

As you know this was my first experience at Yoga and the fact that nodded off in the final relaxation part of the session showed how 'relaxed' I became!

I would definitely have another session and would recommend Yoga and your superb teaching techniques without a doubt. Nick B.



I attended Patricia's taster Yoga session on Sunday, 7th June, 2009 and have to say it was a wonderful way to spend 90 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of family/work life. Patricia has a fantastic way of explaining all the moves and made me feel very relaxed despite the fact that I am totally inflexible and clearly truggled with many of the moves. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, young or old, as a way of relieving the stresses of daily living. Sarah O.    



Dear Patricia,
Thank you so much for helping me relax and stretch all my stress away in your wonderful yoga classes. They are the perfect antidote to a busy London life. I feel not only more relaxed but stronger and revitalised every time I come out. Your gentle manner makes following your instructions effortless and it’s one of the highlights of my week. I feel like a new man!  Matt TM.  



Thank you for an incredibly special week. A beautiful place full of wonderful people (and food!), the pace of the yoga was ideally designed to induce complete relaxation and we felt completely recharged by the time it came to go home. Great to be able to choose between doing absolutely nothing or participating with something more exciting such as surfing or camel rides if we felt like it, the visit to the Souk at Essaouira was a highlight and we have also made some fantastic friends. Thank you so much.   - Emma & Rohan.



We are both really missing Morocco and all of you, it was SUCH a great holiday – really relaxing and so much fun due to such a fantastic bunch of people, really precious memories we will keep forever. When I’ve started to feel stressed all I’ve had to do is picture myself up on that roof looking out at the sea with all of you and I instantly feel calm and happy. Emma G.



Just for the anecdote, my face as never looked so healthy, I have a nice tan and not a blemish at the moment. Hope it’ll last until the end of July for the photo reunion : 0, Dominque S.



Am loving all these good vibes floating around........... Feel the luuurv, feel the LURVVVVVVVVVE! Rohan H.



A big thank you to Patricia for the lovely and very informative workshop today on stress, its effects and potentially dangerous consequences and how to relax..time just went too quickly and 3 hours felt like ten minutes...also thanks for the goody bag, and the lovely touches like the fruit, water and.....the wine... in the end truly relaxed J (The last is a joke!) Annelise P.



Thank you again for the lovely course - I was very impressed by the preparation and thought put into the course. I particularly enjoyed the walking meditation and loved the thoughtful presents and treats during the breaks. I also took the handhouts with me to Russia and reviewed them between meetings! Thank you very much. Bon J.


I got to know Patricia through her yoga classes, and came to love her soothing voice and calm, yet bubbly personality. I recently tried her coaching classes and have finished a 5-week course.


When I started working with Patricia there were things in my life that I had wanted to change for a long time but not done anything about! Patricia helped me identify the things that were holding me back, and step by step we made a plan to change things for the better.


The 1 hr sessions over 5 weeks was like an accelerator! With Patricia holding me accountable to do the things I said I would (within the time schedule we both agreed on) I started seeing immediate changes. Now that I know how easy it was, I’m quite excited about what I could achieve in the future!


 Patricia has a gentle, calm and positive personality that makes anything seem possible. She has the patience to listen, but enough guts to challenge you to think differently and see new opportunities. She has a knack to bring out the best in you, and to help you achieve your goals.   Marte L.



I would highly recommend Patricia and her services.  I’ll definitely do it again!

Dear Patricia, Things that have struck me about your (Beginners 1) classes are:-


  • Lovely gentle pace, and desire not to make people feel inadequate if they find a particular movement difficult

  • Weekly introduction to some new exercises but also a lot of consolidation of what has been covered in earlier weeks

  • Lovely smell of incense on arrival - helps to get you in the mood for yoga after a busy day!

  • You have a particularly sweet and melodic voice which is easy on the ear – and is of itself very calming to listen to

  • You provide enough challenge to make one feel as if progress is being made – but are careful to remove any element of competitiveness from the situation

  • A particularly good class for people who wish to learn about yoga, and increase their flexibility, but who don’t want to feel pushed hard into a new learning curve

  • Your passion for yoga is infectious!

  • You want people to ENJOY yoga and get pleasure from it


Thank you very much for the gift of an inspiring introduction to yoga. Learning about it, and the increased flexibility its given me has been a high point in my year.   Clare M.


It maybe that Yoga classes have been out there waiting for you to find - they can relieve your levels of stress, remove the tensions you might be experiencing, or help reduce physical or mental strain. Above all it can give you skills so you gain the ability to control your life when needed.  What a way to start the New Year with such tools!


When I took my first tentative steps into the delightful Opera school for my first Yoga class I was concerned I would be far and away the oldest and far to stiff to do the Beginners Class. Yes I was the oldest (and still am) but from that first lesson I was hooked.  Patricia makes you feel welcome whatever your age or abilities she is a consummate teacher and knows when a spot of humour can push our bodies a little bit more. Above all she is there for each and every one of her pupils. I noted a young man asking her advice and when we left later he said “Wow Patricia is really great, I thought I would be the only male here but it’s good to see I’m not and do you know she has really helped me”


So what is this help called ‘Yoga’ she can give to you?  Well in my case I had got though life by not breathing properly (far too shallowly). So I plucked up courage and asked for a couple of private lessons. What a difference they made! Patricia has the ability to tune into people and those lessons where the best investment I made last year. The Beginners Yoga classes to me are more than getting my body into shape and fitness.


But this is about you? You only have one body and one life. Do make the effort to find out more about Patricia and the Yoga Siromani classes.  Why not go one step further and enrol for a term. If you come to the beginner’s class on Thursday evenings I will be there with a smile on my face.  Sue RW.   



I went on my first yoga retreat with you in Morocco not knowing what to expect, would it be all yoga gurus and terribly serious? How pleasantly surprised I was to find that everyone was very friendly, no one was a yoga guru, there was wine and chocolate and lots of lovely meals. Nearly two weeks since getting back to the UK I'm still feeling the benefits of a wonderful yoga break with some very special people.  Hilary A.



I left your retreat in Morocco recharged, revitalised and looking forward to the next one! Great food, company and most importantly yoga! I feel like a new person!  Thank you for a very special holiday and I look forward very much to seeing you all in July. Fiona M.



Im also having yoga withdrawals! Well more like I wish I was back at the villa, as opposed to at work doing crazing hours :( 
Words cannot describe fully how much I enjoyed our week together.  I feel blessed that I was able to meet you all and share memorable moments with you all! Needless to say these memories will stay with me for a very long time.  Rav  L.



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