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Patricia Ezechie


Just take the first step......


Making changes is not always easy. Big or small, in your career, your health or your relationships......being clear on what you really want, getting started and then actually doing it can often feel daunting and overwhelming.


I will help and support you through your  journey to achieve a balanced, healthier, happier, more contented life - facilitating the change and growth you desire by creating a space, motivation and the empowerment you need to explore ideas, find direction and focus and move forward towards the life and future you want.


My ethos is based on achieving a balance between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’- getting where you want to get to but not losing yourselves in the process - balancing action with the desire, motivation and will to achieve it.


Change takes commitment and work but you will not be alone...I will be with you every step of the way.


I would love to work with you so when you are ready give me a call 0207 880 1566  or email . Your resilience and wellbeing matter!



"Patricia is an exceptional coach. She has helped me find clarity through very challenging times. Her warmth, energy and insightfulness has given me the confidence to follow through with some very difficult conversations that needed to be had.  Feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”



"I met Patricia just when I needed her most, she is not only an amazing coach she is also a great mentor for me.  She took time to listen, be compassionate and understand me.


In turn this allowed her to give me guidance and constructive feedback so I could grow and take responsibility for my actions and understand why. She has a passion to want you to succeed and has a positive energy to get you there. She is the person who has shown me how to not give up and I’m very grateful”

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